I’m kicking off a 5-day break from the day job today and the excitement is high. I’ve been mega-busy but am so, so close to making an exciting announcement! So, just a quick Friday round-up for the Easter weekend and to wish you all chocolate bunnies and abundant spring flowers.

Spring is still annoyingly elusive in these parts. I’ve usually been taking pictures of magnolia trees by this time of year, but nary a bud in sight. And it seems like yonks ago that I made this Spring arrangement, feeling like it was right around the corner. Guess what? Absolute no show! Serious yearning for some colour in the world right now.

I have some links for you though! This style envy post by Krissy made me feel positively unkempt. Time for a few new choice pieces, perhaps? (Related: This dress is my number one temptation right now… seriously, I would wear it to death). And Jen’s English country home is feeding all my current inspiration and excitement for visiting home (yes, I know I’m from Ireland, not England, but we have lovely country estates too!)

Can I tell you the highlight of my week? I found these wild hibiscus flowers in syrup at a local supermarket. I’m sure these are easy to find in some cities, but in Toronto they have been impossible to track down. The hibiscus champagne is one of my faves at the Hyatt Rooftop, and now I can make them at home. Which is good because I hope to have reason for celebration next week! And I hope you’ll share that with me:)

Have a great Easter weekend! And if you see Spring wandering about, looking lost, point her in the direction of Toronto, please!

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