The end of a busy week! This weekend I’m simply hoping for some quiet time – I haven’t had that in a while.

I’ve not only been busy with work, but with planning too. I ran the entire gamut of considering a move to a 2-bedroom apartment within my building (yes, again) only to rule it out (uhm, yes, again). I think I’ve finally put that idea to bed. Phew, I sure know how to exhaust myself!

And I’ve been booking some things I want to do at home in September (including seeing this production of Juno & the Paycock). Ciarán Hinds and Sinéad Cusack star, which is a pretty amazing cast (Jane Austen fans might remember Ciarán played Cptn Wentworth in this Persuasion – though Captain Boyle from Juno is, of course, a very different sort of fella altogether!)

Also, somewhat related to Persuasion, I’m planning a trip to South Wales and Bath, England when I’m home. It’s a short ferry hop and train ride away and I have such happy memories of Bath from family holidays. So, it will be fun to go back there with Mum and Dad, though I’ll have to shake them off at some point for a spree at Toast, Cabbages & Roses, Brora etc!

Around the blogosphere: I loved this poem Stephanie posted and have returned to it many times. This post by Miss Moss is so up my decorating street these days that my heart fluttered. And Roseline hosted this favourite five with Tricia Foley (yes, that Tricia Foley). These photos by Gertrude Käsebier Eilis posted go straight into my inspiring women repository. Oh and these ones (another link from Miss Moss) belong in the same file.

I’m in the final push of a project (all will be revealed soon!) and it’s been throwing off my routines, including exercise. And I’ve let the reins loosen a bit on the budget I was keeping myself to. So, this weekend, I have to re-find that balance that I was so successful maintaining in March, because I understand now how much happier I am when I’m sticking to those goals!

What are you up to? Anything good? Have a great weekend, friends!

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