Where we blog from: Lisa Ridgely

I especially love seeing into artists' spaces and so it's a pleasure to have another artist-blogger in this week's "Where we blog from". Lisa Ridgely's art is simple, elegant and spare. You can check it out in her store here. And her space perfectly mirrors her artistic sensibility; clean and neat, and decorated with beautiful restraint. I'm in love! This is where Lisa blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hello, I'm Lisa Ridgely, an artist living in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and I blog from my home studio. This area was originally unfinished space, and my husband so kindly put a lot of time and work into finishing it to make this studio for me. My favorite features of the space are the windows and glass door. They provide lots of light, and I especially enjoy opening them to let in the breeze during the spring and fall. This space is really a fitting reflection of my personal and artistic style, and I love working in here.

Thank you so much, Jane!

Thanks Lisa!
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