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Andrea Despot is a great photographer-blogger. She maintains two blogs; The Lighthouse Keeper, where she blogs more general inspiration and her own professional photography blog, Andrea Despot. She also has an Etsy store where you can purchase prints of some of her photographs. I'm especially fond of her black and white shots and in general I'm really feeling the pull of black and white these days. This is where Andrea blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I've been following Where We Blog From since the beginning and I was secretly hoping to be featured someday. Thanks so much for asking me, Jane!

Welcome to my little office - the corner in my bedroom where I blog from. (To be honest, I do most of my blogging during my spare moments at work during the day. But I don't think anyone really wants to see a dark, carpet-walled cubicle.)

I graduated from college in 2007 and moved back home to work and save money. So, I still inhabit the same bedroom I've had for the past 13 years. I have the same desk, the same chair, the same mirror leaning against the wall. The bare bones of the room have remained the same, but everything else has changed as I've grown over the years. The walls are no longer blue and purple stars, but now a more grown-up brown (though it wouldn't have been my first choice - it was my mom's doing).

I'm a self-professed neat freak, probably a bit obsessive compulsive (seriously). So this is honestly what my desk looks like at all times (give or take an item or two). I like things clean and simple, with only a few knickknacks on my desk.

My inspirations change a lot, so I'm constantly switching out postcards, photographs, polaroids and magazine cutouts in the mirror above my desk. I'm a photographer so I love having art surrounding me at all times. I also read a lot and am addicted to buying books with pretty covers. I have one bookshelf at the moment, but it's already full and I'm in desperate need of another!

I have a bunch of framed artwork on every wall around my bedroom. It's a bit overwhelming at the moment, but they'll already be done and ready to hang when I have my own apartment someday! (The black and white pyramid photo is by my fiancé's brother, Brian Krummel; the portrait illustration is by Peggy Wolf; the aurora painting is by me; and the black and white photograph below it is by Margaret Durow.)

Thanks for having me!

Thanks Andrea!
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