Unique Home Stays

I've blogged about holiday homes available through Unique Home Stays before (gorgeous options here and here) but I'm definitely hankering for a vacation this week. I've hit a wall on one project, more mental than anything. I know it just needs a final push, but my energy is sapped. I really would like a weekend away from it to just recharge and clear my head.

If I'm failing on any aspect of my "Healthy March" initiative, it's the work/life balance. It's always a huge challenge for me. But 15 hour days really take their toll after a few weeks and my inability to say "no" will be my downfall yet! So, when I received the Unique Home Stays newsletter featuring this home, I instantly swooned. The idea of getting away for a weekend is pretty tempting and my trip home in September / October is just too far away. I need a mini break, I think!

Images used with permission from Unique Home Stays.
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