Tricia Foley & Rose Uniacke

Last week, Margot Austin blogged about the importance of having a design mentor. It's something I've never really pinned down for myself, preferring a less studied approach. But, recent efforts to discipline my aesthetic have me thinking about choosing somebody whose portfolio can act as some kind of guiding principle for me.

Tricia Foley and Rose Uniacke really seem to hit the nail on the head for me. And I like that Rose is from my old side of the pond and Tricia is from my newer side of the pond, because I often feel like I'm struggling to reconcile those two forces. And, now I think of it, it's interesting that my other favourite (Ochre / Canvas) represents a joining of British and US forces too. I always want to see something that harks back to where I came from, but also to move forward and embrace a new and fresh approach too.

Of course, I could geek out all day thinking about this stuff. And then I'll come home and hate all my purchases up until now. I'm definitely over my mid-century phase and even my sweet little desk is falling out of favour with me these days. But, I'm also excited about starting afresh with some things. The strangest part is when I look back at my blog archives, I see that style was there all along anyway. I suppose I just wasn't listening too well when I made certain decisions. Or maybe I misheard my own voice.

But we're supposed to change and evolve too and I wouldn't want to be stuck or "finished" either. So, all of this is exciting and invigorating. And I can feel I'm more confident now, less likely to be distracted or worried about what everybody else is doing and that's a lovely feeling. But, I'm intrigued to think more about these style mentors and to burrow down deeper into this idea. Do you have one?

Images: Tricia Foley, photograph by Marili Forastieri / Tricia Foley, photograph by by Jeff McNamara / Rose Uniacke shop / Rose Uniacke portfolio
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