Three random things

You know how it happens: You're on your merry way through a magazine or your blog reader and you come across something and like it instantly. So, you bookmark it or star it or pull out the page, whatever your way of saving stuff is. With the amount of information we consume, it's rare a day goes by without something calling out to me in this way. And if I read a magazine without getting up at least 2-3 times to google a new brand, I consider my time wasted.

But, while love at first sight is a beautiful thing, most of those links and tearsheets lose their allure after a little while, or even fall from memory altogether. But these are three random things I've looked at a bazillion more times and loved more and more deeply. And sometimes I think it's a good thing I don't have deep pockets, because I would buy things quickly and may never know the difference.

1. Frances Palmer Pottery
2. Den chair by Howe London
3. Bag 12 by a.b.k.
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