Sunday best: Working

I'm doing two sorts of work at home today and, thankfully, I rather like both. The first is housework. I started spring-cleaning yesterday. Yes, I literally scrubbed my bathroom with a toothbrush (obsess much?) and I hope to finish up the kitchen today.

I'll also take down all the pictures on my big wall. I think I need to live with a blank slate for a while before I start rehanging. The wall, of course, will need to spackle and paint; always an annoying undertaking on my crumbling 1930's walls.

The other work in online. I have a column to edit and submit, invoices to send and, of course, blogging to do for the week ahead. And I hope to take a few snaps too and upload them to Flickr - I picked up some roses in the sweetest colours yesterday while I was gallivanting and they deserve a picture or two.

My antiquing Saturday was good research, but didn't turn up anything. Still, I have other neighbourhoods on my list. And I'm also starting to think about where I want to spend or splurge, where I want to buy antique and where new.

And although the skies are clear here in Toronto and the light is lovely pouring in, it's c-c-c-cold out still and there's snow on the ground since Thursday. So, I'm happy to throw on my comfiest old jeans and softest tee and spend the day indoors. I'm completely addicted to sanguinello (I prefer saying that to "blood orange"!) right now, so I'll be chomping on them all day!

Happy Sunday!

Products: Black Toast Mug from Emma Bridgewater / Drapey stripe tee from J.Crew / Sanguinello via / Apple Cinnamon tea from Stash Tea / Notebook & pen - my own photo / Hitching Post Belt from Anthropologie / Slim boy jean in beach comb wash from J.Crew / Macbook Air / Nikon D5000 / Pale Pink Women's Cordones from Toms
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