As mentioned, I spring-cleaned a little on the weekend and on Sunday I snapped a few pictures. My little Dundee marmalade jar seems to be my vase of choice these days. You can usually find a few from various vintage stores on Etsy, but you'll probably get a better price from a thrift store.

I treated myself to the Saipua Saltwater soap last week. I adore the packaging and the fragrance is just what it promises; full of ocean saltiness. I should have really bought two because I'm going to have a hard time breaking into this packaging. (And, hey, whatever happened to Saipua candles?!) My agave plant is one of my happiest succulents. He loves my bathroom and sprouts new leaves every week.

And this is a view of my open shelf. The Royal Tara china was my granny's and, though I didn't initially love the pattern, I actually use it all the time. I emptied and washed all my shelves and polished my glassware too. Rows of sparkling crystal bring me untold joy!

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