Sponsor introduction: The Cottage Farm

The Cottage Farm is an amazing vintage Etsy store, with gorgeous product photography. The merchandise is right up my alley and I hope yours too. Krissy arranges her vintage finds into thematic collections, often with literary associations. After a little break to refresh her inventory, Krissy has two new collections coming this week.

The Hunt Collection: I think I'm so deep inside my love of all things sea-related that I don't even notice my home is full of little nods to the sea. From sea pebbles and shells to driftwood and glass floats, I do it without noticing. Of course, I'm a Cancerian, so I think it's part of my make-up by both nature and nuture! So, The Hunt Collection, named after the Cape Cod writer Peter Hunt, deeply appeals to me, conjuring both sea-faring voyages and relaxed beach days.

The Zola Collection: Named after Emile Zola, the concept for the Zola collection is the haberdashery of the Ladies Paradise: Lush textures, enticing patterns and a bit of the exotic - all well worn and comfortable with a dash of the thrill of the bazaar. I'm really quite smitten with the chandelier!

Visit Cottage Farm here and, read the Cottage Farm blog and follow Krissy on Twitter here for store updates and more!

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