Inspiring women: Present-day gardening girls

I love classic gardener style. The mix of country style and utilitarian accessories brings me untold joy. I think Monty Don would be my style icon if I were a man. But he will just have to serve as a mega-crush instead. Thankfully, I also adore the style of these three female gardeners too.

I've included gardeners (like Valerie Finnis) in this series, but it's nice to include some present-day, not-far-from-my-age inspiration. And, of course, there's a real fantasy here about having a beautiful garden to putter around in and getting soil under my nails.

1. Alice Bowe
Alice Bowe is a garden designer, garden shop owner and blogger. And, like so many of my inspiring women, she deviated from her original training (in Fine Art) and studied garden design at Oxford College. Of course, one informs the other and I think her painterly eye shows through in her garden designs.

2. Sarah Price
Sarah Price designs public and private spaces but she also works on community projects. This photo of her by Andrew Montgomery for House & Garden made it into my permanent fashion inspiration files. I adore her designs, but this one for a secret garden in Wales send me on wild flights of fantasy.

3. Alys Fowler
I blogged before (here) about Alys Fowler's book, Garden Anywhere, which is my most inspiring gardening book and one that I learned a lot from. I adore her style and her pragmatic tone throughout.

This post was inspired by the March 2011 House & Garden, which features two of the three gardeners listed above.

Image credits: Photos (cropped) of Sarah Price and Alice Bowe by Andrew Montgomery, from House & Garden. Other images: Alice Bowe (website & shop). Sarah Price (website). Alys Fowler, from Garden Anywhere, photographed by Simon Wheeler. Alys Fowler in striped top photographed by Jason Ingram/BBC Birmingham, via Guardian.
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