Green and Gorgeous

There are certain things I would love to take advantage of if (when) I move out of the city. Gardening is the obvious one and, as well as growing veggies, I have dreams of growing a wide assortment of flowers and plants and basically never buying florist's imported flowers again. It's something I feel bad about every time I visit the flower market. And although I still buy flowers it would be nice to not have that guilty conscience.

I came across this English flower company, Green & Gorgeous, in a recent House & Garden and was immediately inspired. They believe that naturally gorgeous flowers come from a real garden and locally grow traditional English flowers without chemicals and then freshly pick them to arrange into gorgeous bouquets.

Oh man, the shots of sweet pea rows just melt my heart - they're my absolute favourite flower and impossible to find in markets here. And, of course, florist's roses have absolutely nothing on garden ones. Obviously, Canadian climates are less temperate than those in the UK, but still I'll happily take what's on offer here and make it work.
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