Georgian style

I spent a lot of the weekend researching Georgian homes. It’s my favourite period in terms of architecture and design. And because Georgian architecture is ubiquitous in Ireland, I’ve absorbed a lot of that aesthetic growing up. When I talk about wanting to merge my Irish and North American style, I mostly am talking about merging Georgian with 20th century modern, or Georgian with Shaker style.

And although I’ve carried an intuitive grasp of what that means, I decided to do some real research into Georgian style. It was the Golden Age of Furniture and many of the designs at this time were produced in Ireland too. There are four styles / major designers within the Georgian period: Chippendale, Adam, Hepplewhite and Sheraton. I like my Georgian light on neoclassical elements. I need to research more, but I think Hepplewhite is my favourite

And when I look at my Tricia Foley (aka my new design mentor) I see a lot of these styles incorporated in her designs. I’ve been really inspired to strip my place back and make some top-down decisions about what I’ve bought and will buy in future. Although Georgian style may seem more traditional and formal than you’re used to seeing from me, for me, it really feels like home to me and it’s an era I’m happy to have found my way back to.

And so, some concrete things this will mean: Mahogany is the wood of choice (I will temper this with white painted wood, as in this dining room here from Tricia Foley), overall symmetry in room arrangements, not a tremendous amount of fuss, but some details, especially fluted legs and a subtle swag detail here and there. And what this will mean for my place right now: Bye, bye teak desk and midcentury details (I’ll be selling these), display the Waterford, Wedgewood that I brought here from home (yay Mum!)

One project I can take on right away is working on my main wall (you can see it as it stands right now here). I’m going to take down the salon-style hanging and replace it with a more symmetrical group of Bartlett engravings I’ve collected.

I talked last week about feeling more confident about my personal style right now. I do feel that. But, I also know that this is not at all a hip or Domino-esque direction to go in, so it doesn’t necessarily jive with the popular mood of the moment. But, to me, it does feel very authentic, that it’s a style that belongs to me. And, although I’ve shown some modern reproduction options above, I hope I can have some fun antiquing pieces for this plan too.

Antiques: Georgian Mahogany Dumbwaiter / Georgian Style Double Shield Back Mahogany Settee / Georgian Mahogany Bow Front Chest of Drawers England / Georgian Style Arm Chair / 18th Century Mahogany Tilt Top Table / Malplaquet replica chair - all from 1stDibs    My inspiration: Bartlett prints from Martin 2001 / Jada sconce from Oly / Newport bowfront chest from Ethan Allen / Black Basalt Traditional Teapot from Wedgewood / At Home with Wedgewood by Tricia Foley / Newport Hansen dining table from Ethan Allen / Harry Chair by Sarah Richardson
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