Thank you for all of your comments yesterday! I was so interested in everybody's thoughts (and replied to a lot in the post). I found it interesting how many people are absolutely not in favour of constructive criticism. I know that both in my studies and as a writer, I've had to handle criticism. Unless it's vitriol, I always assume the goal is to make me better, to hone my ideas or craft, so I really value the process. And sometimes, I feel that kind of criticism is missing from what we do here and I think other bloggers, small Etsy sellers and so forth could all benefit from a community that offers constructive criticism rather than platitudes of positivity.

But now, here is my dose of positivity! From around the blogosphere: I saw divine the new Hetterson collection on a few blogs this week, but first on Chelsea's. Both the photography and the clothes conjure a perfect summer day. Katy tweeted a link to this "How to make a Terrarium" tutorial (I want to try!) and she also shared some stunning photos of the Boston Flower & Garden Show on her own blog. Meanwhile, Catherine blogged about The Agrarian Kitchen. I'm sure there must be some equivalent outside Toronto (I would love to take a class like this with Jamie Kennedy!)

I rejigged some deadlines this week to give myself more breathing room. I had a mild panic attack early in the week about having so many balls in the air! But the day after I rearranged things, I found out I have to get my wisdom teeth removed and so now I'm feeling time-crunches again. Thankfully, it’s not urgent and my dentist has given me a 12-month window. But my urge is to get it out of the way as soon as my schedule allows.

I’m planning a little antique-scouting this weekend. I want to see if I can find a round dining table that fits with my Georgian leanings. In the same vein, I’m going to start rearranging my picture wall and likely edit some stuff out of my apartment too. But I've also got some freelance writing to do too, so I'll be trying to keep the ole balance.

Have a great weekend!

Flickr image credits: 1. Los habitantes del muro..., 2. x, 3. :: february 26 ::, 4. bunting
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