This week, like you, I cried as I watched footage of Japan. I felt numb when I read the stories. There aren't words. I don't think any human watches these things untouched. We all put ourselves in those shoes and try to fathom the unfathomable. It's terrible.

Heath did it for Haiti and now they're doing it again - offering to donate 25% of online sales to Architecture for Humanity's relief efforts in Japan. I jumped at the opportunity to add to my Heath collection and while it wasn't a planned purchase, it's one I feel no guilt about. I'm glad there are companies like this in the world, along with the many artists, Etsians and other companies making similar efforts (Melis did a great round-up if you're looking more).

And I took yesterday off work, a welcome break from the constant flow of news updates in our office and e-mail. I worked on some photography and just tried to be calm in my space, to put my energy into something tangible and hopeful. The weather here has been so warm and lovely; the snow is almost gone completely. And difficult as the time change made mornings, at 5pm every evening I was happy and eager to be out in the world, soaking up the light.

Many bloggers are not posting today, marking a day of silence to help awareness for Japan. I respect that a lot. And my post does not represent an indifference to what's happening, either in Japan or Libya or anywhere else there's suffering in our world. But, I don't believe in silence or prayers when people are in pain. And I also don't like blogging about my charitable giving or trying to influence what other people do. I know the people who visit me here are good people and don't need that from me.

So, here's what I do hope you do: Don't feel guilty for moments of comfort or happiness. Public self-flagellating doesn't help anybody. Make it a beautiful weekend.

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