I’m completely sick of telling you how done I am with winter!

Instead, I will tell you how good I was this week. Exercise, diet: check, check. I had one meal out with a few indulgences but did an extra workout to compensate. This tofu recipe also brightened up my week – seriously delicious. And giving up coffee, it turns out, has been incredibly easy for me.

Susan of Fleurishing invited me to participate in her Proust questionnaire series and my post went up yesterday! A huge thank you to Susan for having me! You can read the post here. You may also remember Susan from her lovely "Where we blog from".

Around the blogosphere this week: I would happily cook any recipe in the kitchen from this post, which is perfect! Margot blogged about this house showing how two different, but very stylish owners decorated it. I was completely inconsistent on which I preferred, wavering room-to-room. You?

I’m still massively busy working on some other projects and they will likely occupy most of this weekend. I also want to seriously map out a 2-3 year plan and see what is really feasible in terms of financing some kind of house in the country. Eep!

I must say, one of the reasons I haven’t put muscle behind this in the past is because it scared me to think about living in the country by myself and so far from any family. But, since I don’t seem to want to change those situations either, this seems like one of those fears I need to get over. So, I’m trying to wrap my head around all that as well.

I have some recipes bookmarked to try out this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get through chores and everything else and then enjoy some fun time in the kitchen. What are you up to? Have a good weekend!

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