It’s Friday already?! This week flew by for me. Maybe I was so caught up in that initial excitement flurry of a new regime? I happily hit all my exercise goals this week and my vegetable / fruit intake goals too. And I quit coffee without any mad cravings or bad headaches!

Feeling that I’m on track makes me immediately want to shop. So, I’m making another rule that I can’t buy anything unless I’m going to wear it immediately. Instead, I’ll probably focus on beauty products and perhaps a pair of shoes or a new purse. These will scratch that itch, without creating a different problem (i.e. clothes in my closet that don’t fit).

On a different note, Chelsea wrote a really insightful post about image crediting on blogs. Related to this, but something that's been niggling at me for some time, is my Tumblr. While I was happy to share my inspiration stash with blog readers, it was something I never really considered as a standalone attraction. Reblogging has never appealed to me and I avoid doing it here. So, my Tumblr was my way of storing those inspirational images from other blogs somewhere handy and keeping track of the source blog.

But my credits on Tumblr (unlike here) were not extensive beyond the source blog and that bothered me. So, last night I downloaded my Tumblr and deleted the account. I know this may upset some followers, but I would really rather concentrate on Ill Seen, Ill Said (it has words!) And even though I never thought about it that way, my Tumblr had become a second blog; one more thing to maintain and update.

On another different note, I adored Anabela’s post about high waist underwear. Unlike the horrid visions of my Mum’s M&S granny panties flapping about on our washing line at home, I love these. Lingerie is one of those pet topics I can talk and talk about! I also, finally, got round to nabbing one of Anabela and Geoff’s totes this week. It’ll be the perfect spring accessory, once spring actually springs!

It's another working weekend for me, but I feel like I’m in the final stretches of a big project, so I’m excited to reach a point of completion. What are you up to? Have a lovely weekend!

Image credits: 1. Gum paste peony 2, 2. Untitled, 3. porcelain, 4. Macarons
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