Dream home

I've been on a mega whirlwind real estate fantasy the last week. One of the things I miss most from home is Georgian style architecture. Toronto has so much Victorian style and I'm not as big a fan of this fussier style. Give me the symmetrical, wide proportions of a Georgian centre-hall any day.

But this Ontario cottage was a revelation! I love that the interior has been demolished and but is not renovated, because I detest the idea of other people making choices about molding and skirting boards and all those details. And, the location is in one of my favourite parts of Ontario. Did I mention it's on 60 acres? I believe that could more than accommodate enough donkeys, chickens and Irish wolfhounds to make me the happiest girl on earth.

And although this all sounds fantastical and dreamy, it has made me think about where I want to be in two-to-three years and even ask my boss about telecommuting. I'm sure this dream home will be long gone (and still out-of-budget) by the time I get to doing anything. But, this little fantasy has me excited about real possibilities I've never allowed myself to properly consider. I suppose silly fantasies sometimes serve a useful purpose, getting us to stretch our understanding of what we want and who we are. I try to use mine as guideposts to show what I should be working towards. So, next up: Gabriel Byrne!
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