Where we blog from: Alanna Cavanagh

When I first blogged about Alanna Cavanagh, to me she was an artist whose work I'd found at my favourite store in Toronto. Nowadays, I count among my favourite Toronto blog friends. That, exactly, is the magic of blogging. In case you're unfamiliar with her lauded work, you must visit Alanna's portfolio. She is a talented illustrator and printmaker and she's also making moves into surface design (wallpaper murals etc.) Her blog showcases her work and artistic processes, as well as inspiration and her decorating progress (Alanna recently moved into a new loft). This is where Alanna blogs from and what she has to say about it...

When I'm working on illustrations I need to be sitting at my desk with close access to scanners + printers so when i'm blogging I like to kick back and get comfy on the couch in my livingroom! I live in the West Queen West area of the city where a tremendous amount of condo construction is going on - so when I sit on the couch I get a glamourous view of graffiti and a big dumpster. As you can see I'm usually surrounded by books, magazines + my sketch book and - because this photo was taken at 3pm (when I hit an energy low) there is also a kit kat wrapper present! The textiles on the couch were made in Turkey, Tanzania, and India and add a real coziness to the space.

Above the couch is a little salon wall which contains three of my silk screen prints (n is for novel, Bernard Shaw cover and Big brogue shoe) plus artwork by Lisa Levitt, Lyndsay Moffat and John Derian. I found the 9 at a brooklyn flea market - it's from an old racetrack and the victorian door knocker is from the the Drake General Store.

A 'Frieda Kahlo action figure' by the artist Suzie Smith looks over my shoulder as I write reminding me to be brave in my work. :-) Her tag reads "The art of Frida Kahlo is a ribbon around a bomb" -Andre Breton.

Here is the view from the other side. I love my expedit bookshelf from IKEA because it provides so much storage as well as stages for 'little vignettes' . It also serves as an excellent room divider from my office. I stitched the shoe needlepoint pillow which sits on the old timey chair and the piece way up above is my Alphabet legs print.

Here is another angle. This is my favourite room in the house because it's filled with all my favourite things: books, art, textiles and colour.... so for me it's the perfect blogging spot.

Thanks again Jane!

Thanks Alanna!
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