Where we blog from: 16 house

Mandy is the lovely blogger behind 16 house and she blogs from her gorgeous home in Australia. I adore Mandy's aesthetic. It's bookish and abundant and she seems to love things with a little extra patina and a lot of charm. She also recently started a new blog, What Made You Happy Today and I find the smiles of the people featured infectious and inspiring. This is where Mandy blogs from and what she has to say about it...

It was so lovely to be asked where I blog from, I blog from my family home that I share with my husband, son and daughter, plus my two dogs Malcom and Elvis, who if I am at home are beside me every minute. My home overlooks the bush, it's a bit like living in a big tree house, lots of trees, birds, and very tranquil. The deck is like another room and always a great place to entertain friends.

But I would have to say my favorite rooms are my kitchen, I love to cook and my bedroom, kind of my little haven (I actually do quite a bit blogging in my bed). Really I blog from where ever I feel comfortable, dining table, deck, lounge; no set rules.

I love to be surrounded by art and books, my two favorite things, oh and magazines and photos, of course. My favorite piece would have to be my Anna-Wili Highfield Raven, it makes me happy every time I look at it and I love my noticeboard which is always getting new things added.

I have recently started another blog called "What Made Me Happy Today" so that takes me out of the home and onto the streets looking for interesting people to photograph, it has been a lot of fun and I look forward to doing a lot more of it.

Thanks so much for having me XXX

Thanks Mandy!
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