Sunday best: Pampering

We had a brief blast of Spring on Friday - it got up to 9°C and I even spent a few minutes sitting a patio. Unfortunately, by midnight it was snowing again and we had squalls all day yesterday. Sigh... Still, that little tease was enough to wake my brain and widen my eyes.

That brief reprieve from winter made me want to peel off those winter layers and give myself a pampering. On the beauty front, winter is all about pragmatic concerns; mostly constant moisturizing. I'm not really a spa girl, but a morning of at-home pampering sounds perfect.

So, this morning I'm going to do some yoga. Then I'll scrub and bathe and give myself a head massage with some argan oil. I'll also treat myself to a face mask, and a manicure and pedicure too. I plan to avoid the computer and the television, listen to some lovely music and sip tea instead of my usual coffee.

I hope your Sunday is as relaxing and indulgent. And I really hope that Spring stops being such a commitment-phobe soon!

Products: 1842, 19 Août tea from Theodor / Waffle Robe from The White Company / Red Roses Home Candle from Jo Malone / Purifying mask and Balancing Concentrate from Caudalie / Tweezerman Slant Tweezers from Sephora / Turkish Bath Towel from Turkish Bath / Muslin Cloths from Eve Lom / Revival DAB (RD 60) from Roberts
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