Sunday best: Decor shopping

Last week, in my epic clean-up, I decided two things: First, I'm not moving apartments in the immediate future. You may recall this was one of the ideas I tossed around before Christmas. But, I've been ruthless and found more space. I'm really happy about this because I love this apartment.

Second, I'm not putting my desk in my bedroom after all. The idea just wasn't sitting right. And I think multi-functional as my main room is, it's always nice to go to bed, because it's just a bedroom. No, it's not the best use of my square-footage, but it is probably better for my mental health (especially given my propensity to work day and night).

This all means I can go back to those recurring bedroom plans. If my bedroom is going to be a pure retreat, I'm going to make it just that, at last. So, today I'm shopping for inspiration. On the list are: A bed or headboard, drapes, an armchair or chaise and a new rug. I still like this plan, though the pattern I was thinking about for the wallpaper will now be transferred to upholstery.

Of course, budget will dictate this is done in phases (and is also why, along with the vacillation, I've taken so long already). I tend not to cheap out on upholstery and I'm also craving grown-up, full window-treatments.

Products: Fabric samples from DwellStudio / Vanessa Bruno Silk Cardigan from La Garconne / Button-back tee from J.Crew / Farrow & Ball sample card via / Acne Hex Jeans from Totokaelo / Rose Cut Diamond and Pearl Arrow from Annina Vogel / Ring by Satomi Kawakita / Shoes by Lanvin (my own, originally blogged here) / Tillie Powder Beige Sparke Tweed purse from Mulberry
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