Sunday best: Balancing the feminine

There's little doubt that my style has taken a more feminine turn in recent months. I chatted with a friend about it over dinner on Friday and we agreed it started when I painted my bathroom pink. I've gone through phases of being a very girly girl in the past. There was a whole year of pink in university. But I'm not, as a personality, what people think of as "pink".

So, there's a tension. I'm drawn to prettiness, but I don't feel that I embody it. And if I take any of those hokey style tests, I always come in "classic" not "feminine". So, today's Sunday best is about finding a balance between the light and dark, masculine, feminine and neutral; allowing myself to indulge my penchant for pretty, romantic things, without changing my fundamental style.

This is something I struggle with from a home decor standpoint too. The bedroom furniture I've been looking at is definitely more feminine than I've previously entertained. And I'm trying to reconcile it with what I've loved and collected in the past. There's something about this outfit that I think hits the balance I've been looking for. Even the OLO fragrance is a balance of violet and leather.

This is the kind of design dilemma I geek out a little on and I think it has pretty deep, psychological underpinnings. Feminine style is loaded with all kinds of connotations. And there's definitely a fear that in embracing more feminine style, especially in my apartment, it becomes less man-friendly. I'm ashamed to say that, but it really is there, nagging at the back of my mind. Do you struggle to reconcile masculine and feminine in your aesthetic too?

Products: Gem necklace from Mociun / Tsumori Chisato Draped Overlay Blouse from La Garconne / Silk ruffle bra from Fleur T / Violet / Leather from OLO Fragrance / Signet ring from Conroy & Wilcox / Naked nail polish from Deborah Lippmann / Emma book clutch from Kate Spade / Citizens Of Humanity Amber Jeans from Revolve / DiorShow Mascara from Sephora / Nars Duo Cream Eyeshadow from Sephora / Lanvin Two-tone crinkled leather ballerina flats from Net-a-Porter
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