Sunday best: At the flower market

It's a working weekend for me, but I'm taking a break this morning to hit the flower market and pick up a bunch or two of cheerfulness. I've been blue the last few days. I feel like the weather and the time of year are contributing factors. I've hit my winter wall. But I'm also midway through some projects and at that point where I can't see the end, can't judge my work and am feeling pretty insecure about the whole endeavour. Compound that with a few careless remarks from people and you get one sad Janey.

Oh, but I know I'll be okay and so I'm pushing through my projects, trying to work systematically and a little dispassionately. Judging in the midstream is not a good thing for me. And I'm trying to understand how I can simultaneously dismiss some cruel remark as stemming from insecurity and yet, at the very same time, feel its full force deeply. Damn my soft Cancerian underbelly!

But this outfit is cheering me up. As you know, I'm not about to abandon my blacks and greys anytime soon. So I love that this ensemble has just a few little accents of pinks and corals. The top is really a dress. But trust me, you don't need to see that much of a Flanagan's legs (gorgeous Irish dancing legs that we're endowed with). I'd happily wear it with jeans or leggings once it warms up. Yes, I still believe spring will come!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Products: Rectangle 14k Earrings from Saara Reidsema / Ink Polka Mini Dress from Rittenhouse / Forever cotton cardigan from J.Crew / Peony bouquet via / Papaya dot bag from Baggu / Acne hex jeans from Totokaelo / Mulberry Postman's Lock Continental Wallet from Net-a-Porter / Ring from Satomi Kawakita / Rachel Comey Penpal Short BootLa Garconne from
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