My bedroom is a big one. Bigger than I need. I've always thought that it should be smaller and the main room should be bigger. I know I've complained about space quite a bit lately. But I've also been hanging on to traditional room definitions.

I've been loathe to put any workspace in the bedroom. But now I'm thinking about how I could carve out some workspace in my bedroom and, in doing so, buy myself extra space in my living room. The key, of course, is to make the functions blend.

So, I trawled my Tumblr for inspiration of work spaces and bedrooms that I think could be blended. The key is that the workspace is discreet, muted and inspiring, rather than office-like or tech-heavy. And because I have a laptop set-up, it's not as if I'd always married to working at my desk anyway.

I've resisted this idea for a long time, but I'm a little excited about the prospect now. I think it might open up my apartment in new ways.

Image credits: {this is glamorous} / Sarai's "Where we blog from" / Nikole's sneak peek / Design*Sponge{this is glamorous} / Desire to Inspire. Please click through to source blogs for full credits.
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