Kettle's Yard

I got an e-mail last week that struck me with that magical connection that sometimes cuts through the blogosphere and reaffirms your faith in this medium.

The sender shared Kettle's Yard with me. She thought I'd like the homes spartan rusticity, the combination of found objects and fine art, the equal presentation of each. Indeed I do! I also love how there's so much to look at in this space but it seems clean and calm. I love not only the objects but their perfect arrangement and the perfect harmony between modern, traditional and organic.

And, more than that, I love that Kettle's Yard was handed over to Cambridge the public by its owner Jim Ede completely intact, on the condition that it be kept exactly as it was and visitors could spend time in it as any home, sitting in the chairs, picking up books. So, it remains a home, a remarkable one, that anybody can stroll through and enjoy. Check out the full virtual tour here. Thank you Georgina for sharing this with me!

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