Inspiring women: Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman's book, The Principles of Uncertainty, is one of the books in my header. Each title you see up there was chosen as much for its content as for the spine. (It's no accident there are five Becketts up there!) As most of you know, I own and read many, many books so the inclusion of Kalman is itself significant.

I love her light handling of topics that have gravity. Often, it's easier to steer clear of dense and complex topics in confined spaces, to give up on the idea that you can cover the bases in any real way in a medium that demands brevity or digestibility. But Kalman manages to create work that is deeply philosophical while still feeling light.

And, of course, I love her artistic style too. 'Whimsical' is one of those words that's thrown around when it comes to design, but her art really is whimsical, playful and light and beautiful to behold.

Website: Maira Kalman
Books: The Principles of Uncertainty, And the Pursuit of Happiness, The Elements of Style Illustrated

Images by Maira Kalman via her site
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