A 4-day work week just feels right, doesn't it? That one day changes everything. It all seems much more civilized. Even so, I had a busy week and am glad for Friday, a weekend and a new month. The end of a difficult February!

I've been working hard every night and had some really frustrating moments where I threw out my whole night's work. It's one thing to come home from work and take on extra projects. But it's confidence-shattering to then feel like you've made no real progress after giving up all that free time. I have to learn to bear these setbacks better and not spiral into an "I'm an utter failure" mindset.

Still, it was nice to come home and realize the light is stretching into the evenings and to get up to bright mornings this week. It's still cold, but the shift is gaining momentum. I can see it every day - the arc of the sun getting higher, the birds perking up, people's eyes brighter, more aware.

And I can't help but feel in thrall of it despite moments of failure this week. Getting up was a little easier and I was more buoyant coming home each evening. I want more and more of it. I've so much to get done and have been patiently waiting for this burst of energy.

Some loveliness from the blogosphere: I adored the pictures Constanca took in Cornwall. The palette reminds me of my favourite thoughts of home. Sofia blogged another series of paintings depicting women reading. I love these! Which is your favourite? And this post from An Apple a Day had me craving a solid day in a good museum and that beautiful coma that comes over you after consuming art on a grand scale.

It's a working weekend for me, but I hope to buy lots of spring flowers and ready myself for a grand March too. Happy weekend!

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