Fridays are pretty great, but Fridays of long weekend are even better. I found my rhythm again this week. Back in my good exercise routine, getting a fair chunk of creative work done each evening. It's instantly uplifting to find that balance.

I also forked out on a flight; a trip home to Ireland in September / October. I resolved last time I was home (in 2009) to get back every two years, so I'm happy to be keep that resolution. And, since I'm going for almost three weeks, I think I could hop somewhere else in Europe for one weekend. Rome is currently top of the list, but I feel no urgency on making a decision.

I also ordered some drapery samples (from The Shade Store) this week. New window treatments were one of my decor resolutions, so it feels good to set that in motion too. I'm at that point where, having decided to address it, I can't stand looking at what I've currently got. So, I'm excited to do this, and do it right.

And the snow finally started to melt! Although that means in-betweeny days (freezing rain, ugh!) it also means open windows and happy drip, drip, dripping. And the blogosphere was full of it too. Chelsea's water-colour inspired bouquets left me awestruck.

Katy has been making magnificent, leaps-and-bounds, progress on her renovation and I've been living vicariously through it all. I'm perhaps as excited as she is to be nearing the decorating part of the renovation! I loved all these casual looks Kate blogged. I always find looks like these more motivating than all the stunning girls in elegant evening gowns. And, as always, I adored Stephanie's imaginary outfit too.

I have a fair balance of fun work and socializing planned this weekend. I hope you have a lovely one! xx

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