This week just flew. I got so much done. And I didn't get enough done. Oh no. But I think what I did get done was the kind of foundational stuff that will better prepare me to get everything else done. Cryptic enough for you? I hope so.

I went to Ikea and got some bits, organized my apartment to put like things together. I also gave my place one of those mega cleaning blitzes. Cupboards were emptied, furniture was pulled away from walls, I managed to put my back out in the process. But it was all worth it. Maybe I got spring-cleaning fever early. Whatever it was, it felt good.

And I spent very little time online, so it was a bit of a manual labour week and that always produces a different sort of satisfaction and a different sort of contemplation. I like feeling tired in my body at the end of the day, rather than tired behind my eyes. I even like the aches.

But I still have a few links for you: The most beautiful bouquets - we should all buy ourselves flowers this weekend or even a new plant. Birthday girl Chelsea blogged these beauties made of leather. I am in love. And, after seeing these vases, I think I need to finally check out West Elm. Oh and let's all make these for breakfast soon, okay?

Finally, thank you thank you for all the lovely feedback on the blog redesign. I'm not one of those people who flips designs frequently and so I become very wedded to these things. Yet this feels like an evolution rather than a complete change. It makes me happy to see Sam in the middle of the header (my first edition of Ill Seen, Ill Said is there too). But I'm chuffed you all like it too and took the time to tell me.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

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