Five essentials, two random facts

I was tagged twice in the last few weeks, first by Sofia of Être Soi to share my five daily essentials and also by Catherine of Little Glowing Lights to tell you seven random things about myself. I'm going to cheat and combine them. So, here's five daily essentials and two random things.

Five essentials:
1. A good read, currently Paul Auster's Sunset Park
2. A notebook. This one was bought in Ireland, I stockpile them when I go home
3. Fragrance - I wear a few different perfumes, but Issey Miyake's scents are always in high rotation
4. A handful of organic almonds, which I try to eat every day
5. Jewelry. This necklace is by my friend Linda Penwarden and I wear it most days

Two random things:
6. Posts like this one always feel weirdly narcissistic to me. Who the heck cares that I eat almonds anyway? This isn't Goop, after all!
7. I didn't include it in the above five, but Egyptian Magic cream is another one of my daily essentials. The stuff really is magic. It's also the dodgiest looking packaging on earth (hence its exclusion in the photo). I get mine at Whole Foods
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