The bed dilemma

Bed-shopping has magical powers to perplex me. I suppose it's because my personal style straddles a few different decorating styles, so it's hard to know which style to land on when it comes to a piece as big as a bed. These decisions seem less weighty when I'm buying accessories, because the magic is in the mix. But a bed is so domineering that I worry about going to far down one style road. For instance, if I buy that French caned bed, will the bedroom be girly frou-frou no matter what else I do?

In reaction to these thoughts, I'm usually pull back to more neutral pieces. But neutral often equals bland, so I then find myself leaning back to something more statement-making. To people around me, it all seems like wild oscillation between radically different styles. But, I identify with both and my home embodies them in different ways. The difficulty in choosing which camp the bed purchase should come from lies primarily in its sheer scale.

After weeks of looking at some pretty ornate beds, I'm back in the neutral camp and looking again at upholstered ones. I've always liked the shape of this one from Crate & Barrel. Margot Austin recommended I check out this upholsterer in Toronto and I might price compare. I've got to say (and this gives me the heebie-jeebies) that I think about all those bed bug reports we keep hearing in Toronto when I'm considering an upholstered bed. A gross complication indeed.

In an attempt to adjudicate what should win, I've gone back to basics, trying to understand my style in a fundamental sense. It's easy to get distracted by inspiration shots of finished rooms and homes, to literally look for the bed you want in a bedroom you love. Instead, I've pulled shots of all those products I've loved forever. And then I've put the beds that I've had in mind with that group. The Crate & Barrel bed won that test.

I think this mosaic really represents my mix: A little traditional country (rolled arm sofa, relaxed upholstery), some more formal (Barbara Barry lighting, oval dining table), some more interesting pieces (Ochre, Oly) and some modern (coffee table and console). I think it all works, especially because my palette is always soft. But I think it's also easy to see why a bed would be so confusing, even polarizing. But of all the inspirating rooms I've blogged, this assortment of products crystallizes way more for me. Throw in piles and piles of books and lots of art and you've got my dream home.

Also, funny to note, I think my blog header matches too. See? I am coherent in the end!

Products shown: Oly / Farrow & Ball / Circa Lighting / Crate & Barrel / Ochre / Howe London / Oly / Canvas / StyleGarage / 1st Dibs / Henredon / Williams Sonoma Home / Farrow & Ball / Circa Lighting
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