Where we blog from: Mimi Charmante

A huge thanks to Kimberly for contributing this "Where we blog from"! Her blog is a visual treat, chock full of her stunning photography. Kimberly's blog, Mimi Charmante, is named after her alter-ego, Mimi who lives in the countryside in the south of France. If her blog anything to go by, Kimberly is living a beautiful life that even Mimi might envy! This is where Kimberly blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hi there! My name is Kimberly Taylor and I am a food photographer and blogger living on a small farm outside of Seattle. I have four fantastic boys and an amazingly supportive husband.

I spend my days doing a wide variety of things. The one thing I am guaranteed to do every day is spend a good portion of it in my kitchen. I love our kitchen! Our home is very informal and we basically live in one large public space. This space consists of the kitchen, the living room, the dining area, and my workspace where I do most of my shooting.

I do most of my blogging at the island counter. It is the heart of the house and seeing as I can so often be found on my laptop, I like knowing that if anyone needs me I am still right there. I also am often baking which means I like to stay close to the ovens, or shooting, which happens just off the kitchen.

Three and a half years ago we renovated the kitchen of our 1928 farmhouse. I love that our island is 9 feet long, which allows for all sorts of fun. We can have huge baking parties, fill it with wine and cheese for an evening with friends, or lay out 4 pizzas and have a group of teenagers hanging out eating and visiting.

All four boys eat nearly all of their breakfasts and lunches there. We went with marble countertops as I adore the look of them. While they do show marks, they also show that a family lives here, and that we spend a lot of time together in that kitchen, working on those counters. It really is my very favorite spot in the house!

Thank you Jane for having me!

Thanks Kimberly!
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