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Abbey is the talented blogger behind Aesthetic Outburst, a blog I've followed since my early blog days (Abbey and I started blogging the very same month!) While my blogroll has changed dynamically in that time, my fondness for Abbey's blog has been consistent. Her blog offers that perfect blend of reality and inspiration. And her taste, while accessible, is also impeccable. Moreover, I get the sense that Abbey is all these things in real life too. This is where Abbey blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hi, I’m Abbey Hendrickson: blogger, mama, artist, obsessive list-maker, fanatic house re-arranger…the list goes on. I live in a little house just outside of Owego, New York with my husband, our three-year-old son, our one-year-old daughter, and a fish called Blowhole (and, yes, his name completely and unfortunately suits him).

I write at my desk, which is tucked into a corner just off of our kitchen. My favorite piece of furniture is our turquoise, vintage medical cabinet. I’ve stashed our printer, scanner, and other necessary computer equipment in the bottom and the top houses a collection of beloved and well-used art books that my husband (also an artist and art professor) and I have amassed over the years. The cabinet is crowned by my collection of vintage birds along with Blowhole’s tank (so I remember to feed the poor guy).

My desk came from a local auction house, one of my favorite places to find furniture. I used to have a desk without drawers, but it quickly became a problem with two curious babies milling about. Now that I have drawers, they’re packed full of stationary, labels, miscellaneous office supplies, and the occasional photo of a favorite vacation spot.

On top of the desk I keep sharp pencils, my favorite Pilot pens, books and magazines to review, important notes from my three-year-old, and piles of notebooks. The basket on the right holds toys to keep little people happy while I’m trying to pay a bill, write a post, or send a quick email. The state of tidiness varies widely and regularly.

Thanks for visiting and many thanks to Jane for inviting me to take part in her Where we blog from series!

Thanks Abbey!
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