Sunday best: Easing into 2011

On New Year's Eve I slept deeply and dreamed that I somehow inherited a magnificent old garden that was overgrown with moss and ivy and weedy tufts. And I was just starting to clean it up, one flower bed at a time. And I was happy to have the task and had complete confidence in my ability to create something beautiful and somewhere that felt mine.

And I think this is the nicest dream to have at the outset of a new year. Because much as it's easy to make resolutions and set goals and dream of hitting those laurel-filled moments, it's also good to embrace the process of getting there and trust that a careful approach will mean it all happens in good time. And for a person often guilty of impatience, gardening is a good metaphor, because you can't rush the seasons and nature.

I learned a little lesson in December about letting things happen in their own good time and how being impatient changes nothing but how I feel in the time between. And I have big plans for 2011, but I know I'm not going to see progress every day and things just need time sometimes on their own and can't be pushed and pulled.

So, for these first few days of 2011, I've just been relaxing and indulging. I haven't been trying to force changes or momentum. I know that it will come and I know the days will ramp up. And it's good for me to recuperate and relax and learn better how to be in this state. And maybe that will be the most important part of enjoying the plans I have for 2011; the ability to truly pause and be in the moment with them.

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