Sunday best: At the movies

Oh, it's another snowy weekend in Toronto. And much as I don't want to complain, much as I want to embrace the seasons, I'm getting sick of being so utilitarian and am nostalgic for days when you'd just slip on a sweet pair of shoes and run outside without thinking twice. Getting about is such a production in this weather!

This weekend. I went to see the new Sofia Coppola movie, Somewhere, and it was nice to really be out in the world, even though I wasn't initially excited about heading out in the snow. I liked the movie itself well enough, but it was no Lost in Translation. I guess I don't find extreme, depressive apathy all that interesting or sympathetic.

As I had hoped, I got a good deal of work done this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm going to take a hard look at my (job) calendar and book a solid week off. There are some things I need to take a good run at and a decent stretch of time would definitely help assuage those meltdowns that take over when I feel the clock ticking.

And even while I'm busy with fun projects, I need to make sure I'm not spending too much time alone. I need to take breaks and go into the world and meet people. It's easy for me to duck the social stuff because I tend to be so tunnel-visioned when I'm working, but I really do feel my mood start to slip if I haven't had time in the company of others.

Products: James Perse Cotton-blend terry cardigan from Net-a-Porter / Crosstown pocket top from Madewell / Earrings from Satomi Kawakita / Movie tickets via / Popcorn via / Evie tote from Augustina / Mociun Gold & Turquoise Triangle Ring from Magpie & Rye / J Brand 814 low-rise straight-leg jeans from Net-a-Porter / Short biker boot from Toast
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