Perfect palette

I've been cleaning up my archive in anticipation of the relaunch. I know this is on of those excessive things I tend to do and it's stupidly labour intensive. The upside is that it's given me a reinforced sense of my own style. And I'm able to see it manifest when I look around my apartment. It doesn't seem as haphazard. The palette, the mix of modern and rustic, the bookishness... it's all consistent. The Ochre / Canvas style is the ultimate expression of all those elements I love.

I could probably do a better job making my wardrobe reflect this (hence the resolution to dress more like my own Sunday best posts). When it comes to fashion, I feel like I have hypothetical good taste, but when it comes to dressing my own body, I often break down. Sigh - bodies come with a lot of issues! But when I saw the new Steven Alan collection, it so reminded me of my beloved Ochre and Canvas style that I thought, this is what I would love to - and should - dress like.
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