Karin Bubas

I've mentioned before how much I love faceless portraits. I think that love has increased with the bombardment of vacant stares from inchoate twenty-somethings that seem so ubiquitous on Tumblr and Flickr. The extent of all that self-styling and posing seems strange to me and I don't think that's simply because I would never present myself in that way. It seems so oddly self-objectifying; a reduction of one's own identity.

Faceless portraits, on the other, hand make me wonder more about the person in the picture and their relation to their setting. Sometimes I have an idea of how the person feels. But mostly, I just like the mystery and silence of these images, the sense of a real presence but one that's ageless and timeless. This series called Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe by Karin Bubas is especially intriguing because of the juxtaposition of place and dress and the scale of the individual in relation to their surrounding landscape. These pictures are like open-ended stories.

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