I’ve been willing this Friday to arrive since Monday. It was a long week and getting up in the mornings was a mission. And I know that February in Toronto does not normally mean anything resembling Spring. But old habits die hard and I’m used to thinking of crocuses and snowdrops, even daffodils, in Ireland at this time of year and so I feel like February is so much more cheerful than January!

And I’ve got some exciting work on my plate next week, the kind of work that makes me nervous and giddy at the same time. In all my insecurity, there’s a way in which I relish a challenge and love to prove myself better than I normally give myself credit for. It’s funny, I notice insecure people get so much done but never allow themselves to bank the achievement of their efforts; instantly downplaying it into something anybody could do. And yet, when we fail, it’s all our fault. Silly, silly insecurities!

Okay, blog stuff: This post by Tamera was a highlight of my week. And every one of Anabela’s recent posts have knocked my socks off. I think you’ll easily imagine how much I could love these vessels and also, I love these prisms. I want a window of them too! And this is the most tragically beautiful and compelling image.

Catherine of Little Glowing Lights was one of my most popular “Where we blog from” contributors. I loved seeing more of her beautiful home here. The perfect pop of colour throughout. Also, did you see these bloggers at home? – Incredible! Finally, I didn’t spend much time with it yet, but I want to delve deeper into Matchbook (especially the Rita Konig interview), even though I've been a detractor of the flip-book format.

I really am dying to clean this weekend. I know that’s boring, but I want to scour my pantry and decant things into Mason jars. Then I want to clear out my hall closet and maybe even the storage locker in the basement. I think I also need to bring in some new plants, maybe some hyacinth bulbs. 

Thanks for reading and all your lovely comments this week. I feel good about blogging right now. I like being here and spending time with you.

Have a great weekend!

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