Happy to see another Friday come around. This week was good, but there were little challenges; gremlins in every piece of technology I touched, a jury duty summons and some sleepless nights. It's a busy time for me, so every minor mishap or unexpected obstacle hits me a little harder. I could do with staying on the straightaways until I get through all this work.

But the work itself is exciting and I relish the doing of it. Time is the only real challenge and that's mostly self-imposed. Yup, as usual, I'm putting lots of stress on myself, paying attention to details most people won't even notice. But I'll notice and so it has to all be done just so!

As a result of all of this, I wasn't paying as much attention as normal to the blog world. But I did catch some stand-out goodness nonetheless. In contrast to the homey comfort of yesterday's Three of a kind, these teapots call for high tea with cucumber sandwiches. I love both kinds equally.

Anna Emilia's post reminded me what a tonic green is on the eyes (and made me wonder when I can rebook my canceled trip to Iceland from last year). She also has some new and beautiful work available. But snow and ice have their appeal too and Amy and Stephanie found some jaw-dropping examples of that.

I'm hoping the weekend is productive, but in a slow and satisfying rather than harried and exhausting fashion. I'm excited to have long open runs at my work instead of squeezing it all into the evening after work.

Are you doing anything special? Wishing you a lovely one.

Image credits: 1. If I told you things I did before told you how I used to be would you go along with someone like me?, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Trees.
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