And just like that the first week of the year is over. I like the cut of 2011's jib! I spent much of it re-balancing my office / home time split. It's always a shock to me just how short the evenings are after a full day's work. But I got some non-job work done still. I have it in my head to redesign my blog a little and have been tinkering with wireframes and lists of requirements. I'm not 100% sure yet that I'll go through with it, but I seem to have caught the redesign bug.

And, yay, blogging was back in full swing this week. I was delighted to see Chelsea on Urban Weeds (if somebody holds her down, I will steal her boots) and Chelsea herself blogged this drop-dead conservatory apartment. Also, I could easily imagine her in this entryway! On the clothing front, I'm in love with the parka on the second row from Seesaw and I loved Anabela's fashion inspiration for 2011 - so her and her softer softest palette is like balm. And I could gobble this entire post up - those colours make my eyes yearn for verdant grass and Spring flowers.

This weekend, I need to clean and reorganize my apartment and, if the light is good enough, I have some photographs to take too. It would be lovely to get to the indoor Farmer's Market. But I'm also committed to relaxing (aka sleeping in) while also thinking about making more of a push on the ole diet / exercise front. I need to be careful not to lapse into extreme and unrealistic goal-setting.

I know I can lose lots of weight fast by drinking protein shakes and such. But, I also have scorn for people who think that's any way to live, despite the fact I hold my own self accountable to those regimes. Note weird Janeism: I judge myself by standards I reject and am therefore determined to end up in a self-loathing cul-de-sac whether I succeed or fail. Must reflect on that!

I'm also going to remind myself to look up at the snow snowing down. Hope it's a good weekend for you all!

Image credits: 1. Snowing Bokeh, 2. red fox in snow, (via Poppy & Leo) 3. Untitled, 4. atmosphere II
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