Sunday best: Making photographs

The main room in my apartment takes on many guises. Sometimes, it's a simple living room-come-study. Other times, books wound up strewn everywhere and it feels like a hardcore library / writer's room. Today, it's a makeshift photography studio as I work on some shots for a project.

For the first time, I needed a lightbox for this project. So, on Thursday night I took myself to the art supply store and bought foamboard to build one, basically following these instructions. I was dreading a trip to IKEA for the spotlights (which necessitates a ride in the most suspect shuttle bus you've ever seen) so tried Canadian Tire and found these instead.

As I take on more and more independent work, I'm wishing I had a dedicated room I could set up for all the paraphernalia that goes along with these things. Even though I'm quite disciplined about not accumulating clutter, cameras and tripods and lightboxes all take up space. And I'm getting tired of having to put everything away just so I can eat dinner (I get fierce agitated when things are out of their place for too long).

I recently found out a two-bedroom apartment in my building is just a couple of hundred more than my one-bedroom rent and have been mulling that over pretty seriously. Of course, I've done so much work to this place that I half think I'm crazy to even consider this, especially within the same building (this would be my third move within this building). But, it would be nice to have a spare bedroom for guests, as well as for work. Something to think more about in 2011...

Products: Foamboard via / Women's Pullover Dress from Makie / Frank Gehry Torque Hoop Earrings from Tiffany / Gooseneck Clip-On Lamp from Canadian Tire / Claddagh via / The Essential Leonard Cohen CD / Tights from Anthropologie / Bloch Arabian ballet flat from Gravity Pope / D5000 from Nikon / Tripod and Joystick head from Manfrotto
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