Happy Holidays!

I'm ducking out of here until the other side of the holidays. I started feeling ill on the weekend and have a full on flu right now. I feel completely terrible. So, I hope to take the rest of this week to disconnect a little and recover in time to have a semi-decent Christmas.

My Christmas will be a quiet one and I'll no doubt cycle through emigrant loneliness, while at the same time being glad to be here and creating my own traditions. My love goes out to those who spend Christmas alone, for whatever reason. I know that no matter what the circumstances there's always a pang of sorrow on these days.

I would love to toast a glass with each and every one of my blog friends. Sometimes the physical distance between online friends makes them seem a little unreal. But, in other ways, because they're not bound by geography, they feel the most stable and consistent of relationships. That makes me feel really good, much more secure than I sometimes feel about the vagaries of real world relationships.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas my dear friends!

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