I'm back on track! It took a near all-nighter, but it was totally worth it. Yesterday evening, I whipped to the Whole Foods to begin getting some groceries. And I picked up my favourite amaryllis bulbs from Teatro Verde and potted them up when I got home.

I also did some decluttering and feel a little better about my space issues. I get really headwrecked when things of a kind aren't all together. So, for example, I want all my cameras, lenses and photography stuff on one shelf all together. When I have bits and pieces all over the place I start to lose it. I know this all sounds very obsessive compulsive, but it's the way I work. I hate wasting time looking for things and like everything to have its place.

Around the web this week, I enjoyed this article about Oprah and her book selections very much. I have lots to say on this topic, but I fear it would be a bad place to go on the internet. So, I won't. On a less controversial note, I think this ice-skating party is perfection. The little chap in his snowpants playing shinny just makes me come over all warm and fuzzy. Also, I thought this house tour might break my heart in the best possible way.

I have lots of little errands to run and a couple of projects to wrap this weekend. But my number one goal is to stay calm. It's all either doable or not, and panicking won't sway that either way. Actually, I think it will all work out to be just grand. I hope your weekend is too!

Image credits: 1. Snow!, 2. hedgerow, 3. Robin, 4. Winter Rose
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