I just blinked and this week was over. Oh, it's going to be Christmas before I know it and all I can think about is how I haven't written or mailed cards. Though I did send off Mum and Dad's present last weekend, so I suppose that's something. I've been decorating here and there too.

Last night I made some boxwood wreaths, based on these simple instructions from Chelsea. Mine are oval though and I hung them with ribbon that hails from Brown Thomas, a department store in Ireland, that has Patrick Kavanagh's poem Grafton Street Admiration printed on it; a wee nod to home. On a less romantic note, can I tell you how much I love 3M's Command range. I use them to can hang wreaths and stockings on walls and from window frames etc without any nails or hammers (I also use these to try out picture hanging placement. I never find the paper cutout thing as effective as actually seeing the picture on the wall).

Oh and I helped with little local Toronto shopping guide for Anabela yesterday. I'm in some amazing company over there on Fieldguided, so do check out the post, especially if you're in the Toronto! Although I do a lot of my shopping online these days, there are certain stores where the experience goes above and beyond the procurement of goods. There shops are my favourites - an integral part of my Toronto life and identity. I'd love to know which stores are the same for you, wherever you are.

I loved Jen's round-up of Christmas dresses (I want to add this lovely snowy striped one too!) Lynne also blogged some lovely wreaths too and I love this chandelier (and the scalloped table!) from Simply Grove. I also keep looking at the first image in this post from Constança. I'm completely in love with these Christmassy vignettes and find myself passing over the Christmas trees in my reader without a pang of regret that I've gone treeless this year.

I'm entertaining tonight and getting my last haircut of 2010 tomorrow! I can palpably feel things winding down at work; even though it's busy, there's a lot more laughter. We're expecting a huge snowstorm on Sunday, so I'm hoping to lie completely low, maybe do some baking for the office. Maybe it'll even occur to me to write those cards!

What are you up to? Have a wonderful weekend!

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