Yay for Friday! This week was a whirlwind. I remember Tuesday, but the rest is hazy. I'm so sleepy and my mind is jumping all over the place between all the things I'm supposed to be doing. And it's making it hard for me to work systematically through the list, which is really the only way I ever get anything done.

The blogosphere has gone Christmas insane and I'm somewhat over it already. You've probably noticed by now that I don't get into the whole gift guides thing. I think we're saturated enough with the "buy this, buy this" message at this time of year and I have no idea to contribute to that. And I also feel that I blog covetable products year round - no need to do it on steroids for all of December.

Still, there were some blogging gems and some amazing news this week. Rachel got engaged (big hugs and kisses to her!) Suann found these beautiful ceramics, which I think complement the Agneta Livijn pieces I blogged this week too. And Sarai has been knitting some beautiful things (plus, she's the prettiest model ever!) I love the self-appraisal Emma did on her house. It takes a lot of discipline to look over your own stuff so critically and I have mixed feelings about doing it to mine. But I love her conclusions and observations.

I have so much to do this weekend. Parcels to mail, cards to write, decorating to do. I bought clay at the craft shop yesterday to make something like this lovely garland and maybe clay versions of Stephanie's salt dough ornaments. I'm slap bang in the middle of lots of projects and, oh, I might be getting sick. I'm hoping to completely ignore that last bit and just blaze through everything I need to do.

How are you holding up a mere three days into December? Wishing you a lovely, calm weekend, friends! xx

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