The Donkey Sanctuary

For the past three years, I’ve used a portion of the pennies I earn from my blog to support The Donkey Sanctuary. I just renewed (and increased) my annual donation to the sanctuary. I make this donation on behalf of all my lovely readers, my excellent sponsors and my dear blog friends. It makes me happy to have you visit with me every day and support Ill Seen, Ill Said. And I can’t think of a nicer way of showing that than making a donation to such a worthy cause.

We sponsor Cargo (I love his wonky ear), but I'm assured he shares his hay with the other donkeys too. And randomly, here's a sighting of my favourite donkey ever. Ireland only got Google streetview this year and I nearly died when I zoomed in to view the field in Doolin this cheerful fella hangs out in and saw him standing cheekily there. He always seems to say hello to all the tourists and locals who pass through this tiny town and I love that he's looking right at the camera!

To learn more about The Donkey Sanctuary, visit their site here or become a fan on Facebook here.
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