Dark holidays

Though most of the holiday spreads I've featured are characterized by clean white, silver sparkle and natural touches, there's a part of me that's drawn to a more Dickensian interpretation of the holidays; dark rooms lit by candlelight and this heavy fabrics, brocades and velvets. I love how rich and full of patina these images from 18Karat (top) and TineK (bottom) are.

I think same tension pulls me more generally in decorating. I love heavy, bookish rooms full of texture and weathering. And I also love clean spaces with crisp white linens and decidedly uncluttered. That said, I don't think the two are irreconcilable. And, in a way, the one keeps the other in check. That said, there are some things I own that reflect neither. I think next year, I'll work on phasing those things out.

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