Back to normal

My Christmas turned out to be much lovelier than I thought it would be. I was recovered enough from my plague on Christmas Day to cook dinner for BFF (who surprised me with a visit). Still, I think it's true to say that when 8pm rolled around on Christmas Day, I felt a tonne of relief that that hepped-up day was nearly out of the way.

I think I like Christmas (and birthdays and all other such days) more in theory than in practice. In practice, it's just too much pressure to have a perfect day that's been determined by somebody else and that reflects little or nothing of what my life is about. Maybe if I could relax from all that pressure, I'd enjoy it. But it's deep-seated stuff, hard to shake off.

Let's face it, Christmas is designed pretty much with family as its central tenet and when you don't have a family to speak of, every attempt at it looks like a lame attempt to compensate for that fact. So, yup, there's always a bit a relief to have that day done with. I've been cleaning up my place - getting rid of the stink of sickness that's been hanging around here. And, as you can see, I've been playing with my new lens.

And, I've been beginning to think about resolutions. Because if there's something I absolutely love, it's the idea of a new start. I think I can safely say that 2010 was a pivotal year for me. Maybe one of the hardest years too, but it was also defining. I feel like it set a tone for the next decade and I've got to keep building on that and I'm excited about that next phase and the things I can't even guess at happening.

Thank you for all your lovely Christmas wishes on the last post. I read them all from bed this week and they cheered me up no end. You guys are the best, seriously.
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