Where we blog from: Wsake

Anna of wsake is a blogger with a beautiful eye and a jewelry designer. She collaborates with her Dad (who is a silversmith) to make the lovely pieces that she sells through her online store. I love her tiny stars and her little dog necklace especially. Her blog posts are characterized by her groupings of four images. I love these groupings, they are like a salve for the eyes and I always find myself taken to a dreamy place when I visit her blog. This is where Anna blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hello there, I'm Anna and I'd like to show you where I blog from.

Somehow I just can't work in the same position the whole day, so I'm constantly moving around the house taking my laptop everywhere i go.

But mostly I spend my time blogging right behind that vine-covered window looking out at those beautiful leaves.

I'm always surrounded by the things I'm working on; prototypes, drawings, necklaces of all kinds, lots and lots of vintage glass beads and my little sister's lovely "teeth apart!"-sign to remind us not to grind our teeth while working very concentrated.

Thank you so much for having me, it's such an honour!

Thanks Anna!


  1. What a soft and delicate space this is to work from. Thanks for sharing, Anna.

  2. These images are beautiful! So soft and pretty.

  3. Such beautiful photographs and combinations. Looking forward to checking out her work. Had to laugh at the teeth apart comment. I'm a grinder as well especially when concentrating!

  4. This a is a stunning collection of images - a calming combination. Thank you.

    Jamie Herzlinger

  5. What a beautiful space! It's so so pretty.

  6. i'm in love with all these images!


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